EU Blue Card LotteryA Future in Europe for non-EU Professionals

What is the EU Blue Card?

The EU Blue Card is a work- and residence permit for skilled persons who are citizens of non-EU countries.

It is issued based on a job contract which has to be issued by an employer in one of the 25 EU Blue Card issuing countries in Europe. After three to five years, you have the right to apply for permanent residency in the European Union.

Who is qualified?

You have to be a citizen from a country outside the European Union, and you have to be highly skilled or have at least a bachelor degree. For example, a person living in Kenya who obtained Bachelor degree, is qualified for the EU Blue Card or an Turkish person, who became highly skilled in a certain profession, also would be qualified.

There is one important thing...

You need a Job contract issued by an employer located in the EU.
This can be a challenge. What we plan to create is an arrangement with a Latvian organization in order to guarantee the placement of five persons. This number will increase over the years.

Riga, Lativa, Europe

Latvia is a full-member of the European Union and carries the Euro. The standard of living is comparable with Western-European countries. You will be issued a standard employment contract for the term of three years, which will pays a salary of at least 10,000 Euro annually. After three years a permanent resident permit can be applied for.

Participate in this pilot project. Get your EU Blue Card eligibility certificate and enter your certificate number. Numbers are drawn on March 5th, 2018 (planned). NOT YET OPERATIONAL!